Vision and


Apartment for Rent - The Governmental Company for Housing and Rental Ltd., is a company wholly owned by the State of Israel, established by decision of the Israeli Government - to promote housing, including long term rental apartments - all within the National Housing Project framework.


The Company's Goals 

  • Locating land areas for development in order to create thousands of long-term rental housing, as an alternative to the purchase of apartments;
  •  Land marketing by public tenders in rental housing formats;
  • Planning of residential neighborhoods, and statutory promotion of these areas;
  • Developing an institutional market for long-term rental housing in Israel;
  • Purchase, rental, and sale of land and residential buildings;
  • Marketing land areas including long-term rental housing;
  • Managing property and land redemption in these areas;
  • Management and supervision of long-term rentals, from award stage until end of lease.